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Terri and Chris Worron ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



My Story

Our story begins, 11 years ago when Terri went to a Scentsy party. Terri was blown away with the beautiful warmers and all the wonderful scents to choose from but was very impressed with how safe the products are. Safe for our children because the wax is never hot and even safe for them to actually put their fingers in the wax, Safe for our pets because there is not any flames for them to loose whiskers on and our wax is made with food-grade paraffin from Eastern Canada so safe if the dog accidentally eats it (Our big boy has on a few occasions), Safe for our home, because there is no risk of burning down the house and we can leave a Scentsy Warmer on 24/7 no differently than a Lamp, they are more energy efficient than leaving a lamp on because most Warmers use only a 25 watt bulb, and Non-Toxic because our wax is WARMED to release the fragrance only and there isn't any soot or smoke to breathe in like candles, our products NEVER burn our wax, it is warmed only. After discovering Scentsy we were hooked! We soon discovered not only how amazing the rest of our products are, Kids Line, Clean Line, Laundry Line, Essential & Natural Oils, Diffuser and more BUT we learned how AMAZING the company is.

When Terri first discovered Scentsy, she was suffering from depression and after she joined Scentsy she learned that Scentsy not only provides an extra income for the family but she found herself again. Scentsy has helped her to become a more fulfilled & happier woman, wife and mother. We are so lucky to have so much support and found a great network of friends. Scentsy has given Terri the opportunity to work the hours she chooses to work, share products we believe in and earn an income to help our family. She says loosely because for the few hours that she gets to share Scentsy with others is so much FUN that it is not work. Plus, we get to give FREE SCENTSY AWAY. It is one of our favourite parts of being a Scentsy Consultant. If you love Scentsy and want to earn the products you love for Free, then Schedule your Virtual Scentsy Party by click the HOST tab above.

Scentsy has been such a blessing in our lives. From the incredible trips that we have earn for FREE, including our first trip without kids, a Royal Caribbean Cruise to Cozumel Mexico for both of us. And our favourite family trip we earned where we got to take our family to Disneyland in California (that was a dream trip for our teenaged daughters). These trips were only a dream that we never thought would have become a reality but now it has because of Scentsy!

Scentsy has blessed our lives and we want to share it with the world because everyone deserves to see their dreams become a reality. We had only ever dreamed of travelling and we also only ever dreamed of paying off credit card debt, NOW those dreams have been fulfilled. But more than just the trips, events and incredible memories - when COVID hit, we were blessed because we have a successful Home business with Scentsy.

We adapted to offering more online/virtual services, with online shopping - customers are able to have their homes, offices and virtual school areas smelling great. More than ever before, people are home and want to enjoy a great smelling space and beautiful home décor too.
We also have started a NEW Shop and Earn Program where we provide you with a link to your own FREE Custom Shopping Page that you use to Shop for Scentsy and share your link with family & friends. Every time some shops via your Shop & Earn page, you earn Rewards! To learn more, and to request your FREE Shop & Earn link, go to:

The Scentsy Family has become so much more than Scented products, it is a part of us and our family. We have so many goals that Scentsy is allowing us to achieve, including saving for retirement, home renovations and now that travel is restricted we are saving money for our future. Scentsy is more than wax, warmers & fragrances, it is about making dreams come true. Recently, our youngest daughter has just finished high school and started working for us as our Assistant. She has had a difficult time finding a job during the current pandemic so we are lucky that we have our Scentsy business that not only helps her learn new skills but help us with the business as well.

Scentsy makes it easy to run a business and have fun doing it. When you Join, you have the option for which Starter Kit you want:

Our business building kit has everything you need to launch a successful business for $99 (+S & T) (- valued at approx $300).
We also have a Starter Kit that is regular $59 (+S & T) - (valued at approx $150) that you can earn for NO Out of Pocket Expenses by applying Host Credit toward the cost of the kit.

Both kits include your own personalized website FREE for your first 3 months, your own back office workstation to help manage your business and get all the latest news, you will receive FREE online and in person training and all the perks that Scentsy offers including a Free Wellness program. Not too mention, you get paid on your own purchases and you can help friends and family earn free products too!

Scentsy provides us with everything to be successful! It is the easiest and most fun way to make $$$. If you want the Business Building Starter Kit, you can get started RIGHT NOW by clicking JOIN SCENTSY @
Ask us about a Starter Kit for NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES,
Contact us by call/text 905-745-0418 or Email:

Thank you for reading our story!

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